Thursday, September 25, 2008


Not much else eventful took place the remaining days at the convention. Saw some 'celebs' like Jon Voight, Mitt Romney, Tom Brokaw, and a few others.

Here are pictures of all days at each convention. Click here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My RNC Trip - Monday & Tuesday, Sept. 1-2

Hurricane Gustav coverage in front of Xcel at Fox's 'big tent'; taken inside Xcel.

Well the convention has begun and the place is quiet. Hurricane Gustav has the media down in LA. Sounds like they will be heading up here today.

CNET article about convention facilities and attendance numbers for Xcel.

Monday was very quiet except for the protesters. They actually destroyed property late afternoon Monday. Here is Macy's broken display window.

Tuesday thus far has been pretty quiet. There has been rain in the morning and very little foot traffic.

Shuttle buses won't start until 4pm for the 6pm session. That is when we will probably see more protesters.

St. Paul Hotel, as always, looks beautiful. All the flowers up and along the driveway look and smell wonderful. There are even some elephant topiary.

Finally I saw SWAT!!! The St. Paul SWAT team were heading out from the River Centre to the outside or basement trailer area. It made my day to finally see them. Hope to see other shiny things (that is the people in blue). Still fascinated.

More to come.

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