Friday, August 29, 2008

My DNC Trip - Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 29, 2008


History was made yesterday at Invesco Field. It was the largest gathering for an acceptance speech. And I have to tell you that it was evident.

I left downtown Denver at 1:37 PM MT and walked down Larimer to what should have been the main entrance to the stadium. At this location there were police and two long lines formed on both sides of the street. A police officer told me to head down 7th and get in line.

Two blocks down (7th and Lawrence) is where the end of the line was. And it winded along a side service road about ½ block on both sides of Lawrence. Every inch of forward progress was huge. It was moving painfully slow.

Well, I figured I was in no rush and told myself to plan on a 3 hour wait. At one point every time the progress was actually a foot or two the people in front of me and I did a mini wave and shouted “Obama.”

Shiny Object
DIA this morning is busy. What is going on? That is the third civilian looking person with a dog wearing a ‘POLICE’ sign. Perhaps these are out-of-town canine police heading home. I just don’t have the people energy to go and ask.

We succeeded in winding which actually got us across Lawrence Street..50 minutes later. Heading to the next street, Walnut moved along and it merged with a bus line of people dropped off for the event. Met a couple more fun people and lost my “Obama” wave family.

People were selling buttons, t-shirts and bumper stickers along the main drag. Oh, that damn Jesus ‘you are going to hell’ group was out on bikes with their big signs and megaphone. We were told we were all going to hell. What?

More police at the railroad crossing. Almost tripped because I was only paying attention to the team in blue and not my footing. They were my shiny objects ALL week.

This bronze statue was a real guy whom noticeably surprised me.

Credentials were checked twice. At the bottom of Invesco’s first set of stairs was the security check point. Everyone had to go through the metal detector and put any bags on the table for a search. No metal, no weapons, no problems.. I’m IN!!

Up the stairs, through the turnstile and off I go to traverse the 5 floors of Mile High stadium. Of course I took pictures of the trip. ‘Twas high up and beautiful.

OK, going to start boarding soon..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My DNC Trip - Thursday, August 28, 2008

OK, today is the day. I am off to Invesco at 1:30 PM MT.

Shuttles stop running to the field at 2 PM. The lines and wait are long due to security.

Southeast side of the stadium...see you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My DNC Trip - Wednesday II

I heard that the protest march down Arapahoe was 5K people. Well, it certainly was huge. Didn't get a lot of pics.

The march was lead by military in their full dress yelling out, 'We are Marines, We are Marines' and the other branches of the military. Very powerful leading anti-war protesters.

One sign read, "Fund Education, Not Occupation." There were others:
War is Fu**in' Stupid
Fund Our Troops Home
Trim The Bush
No $$ for War

And there was the protest at Civic Center Park near the capitol building. It was dueling megaphones between Anti Homosexual haters and others shouting back to quit the judgement. One woman kept asking the haters why the cared and what do or did they do to you and to stop the judgement.

The same haters later appeared on 16th Street Mall near Stout St. Down the way some there was a small group wearing a few rainbow items blowing up pastel yellow, pink and blue balloons. Each balloon had three simple letters G A Y.

Picked up a couple more buttons:
United We Stand - picture of Obama facing Hilary Clinton
Obama '08 Change We Can Believe In - Obama in the foreground and JFK in background with his quote on change

(place holder for 'missile women' - on voting day go shopping, these are weapons of mass destruction paid for by your tax dollars)

Today was the busiest I've seen downtown. I imagine that tomorrow will be the peak.

No parking is allowed at Invesco Field. So, there will be people on foot, bike and public transportation making their way to the field. Can you imagine 70K+ making there way.

I still have to figure out the transfer I'll need for light rail from the field back to Englewood station. Maybe a cab from the station too.

Nice speech Bill Clinton.

Ready to leave downtown now and have a beer.

Cheers from Denver!

My DNC Trip - Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I forgot to mention that I met MPR's political reporter Tom Scheck yesterdy morning. We were on the same light rail train and walked and talked a bit.

What a greeting last night exiting the light rail bus (Line D at Englewood). There was about 8 police and canine unit standing at the platform. Hmmm.

Those 3 meth heads threatened to kill Obama; losers. Got to see a couple other meth head on the light rail. Wasn't feeling safe until we exited and greeted by the men in blue. I told them they seem to be every where I go. One responded that that was good.

Bought 3 buttons (3 for $10) 1) Warhol design of Obama, 2) the right men at the right time and 3) gotta love Obama.

Well, let's see what today brings.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MY DNC Trip - Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well did not expose myself to too much yesterday. On the way to dinner it was apparent something was happening. There were 4 traffic police at one intersection.

Once again I was fascinated by the people in blue and was gawking. All of a sudden there was a police car speeding down the one way street going the wrong way and toward the street corner where I was waiting to cross.

Sure enough there was a riot.

Not very busy downtown. There are vendors and jokesters sharing and selling their views. One guy had a Clinton mask and parked car with other political heads. I'll post the picture.

Rumor has it that George Clooney and Brad Pitt are hanging out at Larimer Square (perhaps Osteria Bucco). Go find them Jean!!

'Tis all for now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My DNC Trip - Monday, August 25, 2008

Well yesterday, August 24 was an interesting day. The streets of Denver were buzzing like it was during the week on lunch hour. This particular Sunday was active.

Photos will follow. Don't have the cord to download with me. OK, uploaded now.

Walking down toward Union Station there were many vendors selling their Obama-ware. One booth was selling Obama action figures. What?

A t-shirt vendor had a the phrase, "Tell Your Mamma to Vote for Obama" with mama Michelle dolls available for purchase.

All along the walk there were many different security personnel. Police on horses, on bikes, walking, on motorcycles, riding outside of vans on the running boards, and other I'm sure I didn't even realize. This group all in black kept my interest all day. So much so that I got distracted by a group in riot gear when I realized I was smack dab in the middle of a protest march.

I think the pictures will speak with much better description than I. So, I'll post the protesters.

Instead of jumping the fence or walking with the group I happily accepted their literature. One guy was walking in the pack carrying a McCain sign. After my double take I quietly told him he was crazy.

Not sure how it turned out but CODEPINK requested people meet on the corner of 20th & Little Raven St Cuernavaca Park wearing pink or light color clothing. At 6pm they were to move to the image site. Apparently they were going to take an aerial image of the group.

After the protest it was time to check out the Pepsi Center.

Well, this too is better with pictures. Coming soon.

You know the McCain guy? Well, I saw him again at the MSNBC Place For Politics stage trying to get on TV. He was holding the sign over his head while Chris Matthews was talking 'Hardball' with someone. Oh, saw David Gregory on the street.

More to come with pictures..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My DNC Trip - Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well I am here and have already met a few attendees from the media. The long shuttle ride from the airport yesterday evening was full of media and me. Well there was one older couple and a friend getting dropped off at their homes. They were bored with our conversations. Media folk were:

Boston Phoenix, David Bernstein - here's his blog:
Hopefully the wireless Internet will work for him

Christian Science Monitor (didn't catch her name):

A blogger from France (he's an American living in France). Wow, his trip over had them above Greenland looking down at the glaciers.

And a media logistics woman staying up in highland Denver perhaps on friend's floor.

Well, it is time to get ready and head downtown. This will be my first light rail ride in Colorado. The D Line from Englewood station should bring me right to the convention center then I will walk to the operations command center. - wish me luck


Here's an article about Qwest's preparations:

Associated Press
Techs plan smooth communications at Dem convention By CATHERINE TSAI 08.22.08, 5:20 PM ET

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chelsea Handler Lesby Friends

July 26, 2008

The STAR of Chelsea Lately was at Treasure Island Casino . This was what she called her 'lesbian' look. Nice vest.

xShe was sassy with an audience memeber. I didn't love looking through the quasi-mo hawk all night.

Ahhh, it was worth it. Book, 'Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea' signing after the the show. She is a little gal. I think she was saying something about "Red Wing, Suck it."

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