Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stroopwafels - sweet & delicious

Dutch caramel in-the-middle waffle cookies

Sister-in-law introduced me to these delightful cookies. They are so sweet and gooey good. I'm just not sure how the average Dutchman eats 20/year. Makes my tooth ache.

Recipe from stroopwafelshop.com:

Ingredients waffles (12 pieces):
- 300g caster sugar- 450g butter- 3 eggs- 3 sp milk- 600g flour- cinnamon- salt
Ingredients syrup:
- 600g cane-sugar syrup- 300g butter

PreparationMix the sugar with the eggs, milk, flower, cinnamon, salt and the butter sliced in pieces. Make 12 small balls.Preheat the waffle iron. Squeeze a paste ball in the iron. Bake the waffle in about 30 seconds. Cut the waffle in two thin waffles and spread the waffle with the mix of syrup and butter.

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