Friday, December 9, 2011

Simple decorating outside


It is time, now that we have freezing weather, to make the ice luminaries.  And what better time than early morning before the house is awake and the work day starts.


Punch balloon from Oriental Trading & Rubbermaid lid
I was introduced to Oriental Trading by my brother.  He knew just where to go for large punch balloons.

Molly Makers is all about using what you have.  The balloons cost only pennies and the "tray" is the lid of a large Rubbermaid (#5, 22 cup) container.
Here is the water balloon while Mother Nature is at work changing it to ice.

Now, while the water balloon is freezing I snip tree trimmings and create a bed.  There are extra bare branches on the bottom to help support the ice luminary and create space for air flow.

STAGE 2 - will be back when the ball is frozen - light to come

Monday, January 24, 2011

Don Julio Ornament

There is something fun about the Don Julio wooden screw cap that makes me smile. I knew I wanted to incorporate these happy caps in something. So, I saved some up knowing that inspiration would come to me.

And it came..

The Blanco Snowman

It is made of three Don Julio Blanco wooden caps, pipe cleaner with shimmer, jeweled eyes, mouth and buttons, felt hat with sparkles, and felt carrot nose.

The back has an additional cut of pipe cleaner to use as a hanger for on the tree. He also stands easily on the screw cap.

I left the Don Julio seals on each cap. The snowman needs to know where he came from and the drinking it took to make him.

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