Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Cut Glass Bottles

I searched "how to cut glass bottles" and found a few sites but none got me exactly what I needed. WHAT IS EASY & WORKS BEST FOR CUTTING?

Good, Fair or Poor Rating - based on my own research

Bottle cutter - fair; research suggested it is not worth the money especially if you are going to cut a lot of bottles.

Manual glass cutter (you know that old school metal cutter) - poor; what a mistake this was. I found it was impossible to score a bottle with what should be use for thin glass i.e. windows. And when I tried to fill the bottle with hot water then cold to break the line of course it did not work because the scoring was nonexistent.

Flaming Cloth soaked in Acetone - fair; if you only have 1 bottle, time and like fire, go for it.

Wet Tile Saw - good; cuts lots of bottles, easy to do and took under 20 seconds per bottle. I got the 7" table saw.

OK, I have the saw and am ready to begin. Right?

First, collect some cool bottles. Being a newbie to this I knew I had to have "test" bottles. So, I loaded up on Pellegrino. I was drinking good for a few weeks. Because I was eager to test out cutting I did not spend a lot of time collecting before the first cuts.

Next, you need to clean the bottles and remove the labels. Easiest method is HOT and sudsy water. I prefer Dawn for all things including spot removal and making bubbles.

Fill up the bottles and submerge them in the water. Poor yourself a glass of wine from an odd shaped bottle and enjoy the rest.

If you find that some of the labels are stubborn, either refill with HOT water or use a plastic, flexible scraper. The Pellegrino labels slid right off with no hassle.

Final step in bottle preparation is drying the bottles. I believe in low maintenance. So, I set the bottles in the sink upside down at first.

Give it a couple hours then turn them right side up to finish drying.


Now you are ready for cutting. Let the FUN begin.

The wet saw gets a bit messy with the water. Next time I plan to set up a shunt for the water so it is not left to pool on the table.

It is slow rolling back towards you.

Don't forget the other equipment. I recommend the goggles for the water spray, gloves to handle the glass shards and mask for glass dust.

Right now I am using sheets of sandpaper for finishing. Next I will try sanding tools i.e. Dremel.

Soon to be using new drinking glasses and lighting candles in fun containers.

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