Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My DNC Trip - Wednesday II

I heard that the protest march down Arapahoe was 5K people. Well, it certainly was huge. Didn't get a lot of pics.

The march was lead by military in their full dress yelling out, 'We are Marines, We are Marines' and the other branches of the military. Very powerful leading anti-war protesters.

One sign read, "Fund Education, Not Occupation." There were others:
War is Fu**in' Stupid
Fund Our Troops Home
Trim The Bush
No $$ for War

And there was the protest at Civic Center Park near the capitol building. It was dueling megaphones between Anti Homosexual haters and others shouting back to quit the judgement. One woman kept asking the haters why the cared and what do or did they do to you and to stop the judgement.

The same haters later appeared on 16th Street Mall near Stout St. Down the way some there was a small group wearing a few rainbow items blowing up pastel yellow, pink and blue balloons. Each balloon had three simple letters G A Y.

Picked up a couple more buttons:
United We Stand - picture of Obama facing Hilary Clinton
Obama '08 Change We Can Believe In - Obama in the foreground and JFK in background with his quote on change

(place holder for 'missile women' - on voting day go shopping, these are weapons of mass destruction paid for by your tax dollars)

Today was the busiest I've seen downtown. I imagine that tomorrow will be the peak.

No parking is allowed at Invesco Field. So, there will be people on foot, bike and public transportation making their way to the field. Can you imagine 70K+ making there way.

I still have to figure out the transfer I'll need for light rail from the field back to Englewood station. Maybe a cab from the station too.

Nice speech Bill Clinton.

Ready to leave downtown now and have a beer.

Cheers from Denver!


Anonymous said...

It's history making!!!!! I loved hearing Michelle Obama on television. She's definitely a first lady.

Molly said...


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