Monday, August 25, 2008

My DNC Trip - Monday, August 25, 2008

Well yesterday, August 24 was an interesting day. The streets of Denver were buzzing like it was during the week on lunch hour. This particular Sunday was active.

Photos will follow. Don't have the cord to download with me. OK, uploaded now.

Walking down toward Union Station there were many vendors selling their Obama-ware. One booth was selling Obama action figures. What?

A t-shirt vendor had a the phrase, "Tell Your Mamma to Vote for Obama" with mama Michelle dolls available for purchase.

All along the walk there were many different security personnel. Police on horses, on bikes, walking, on motorcycles, riding outside of vans on the running boards, and other I'm sure I didn't even realize. This group all in black kept my interest all day. So much so that I got distracted by a group in riot gear when I realized I was smack dab in the middle of a protest march.

I think the pictures will speak with much better description than I. So, I'll post the protesters.

Instead of jumping the fence or walking with the group I happily accepted their literature. One guy was walking in the pack carrying a McCain sign. After my double take I quietly told him he was crazy.

Not sure how it turned out but CODEPINK requested people meet on the corner of 20th & Little Raven St Cuernavaca Park wearing pink or light color clothing. At 6pm they were to move to the image site. Apparently they were going to take an aerial image of the group.

After the protest it was time to check out the Pepsi Center.

Well, this too is better with pictures. Coming soon.

You know the McCain guy? Well, I saw him again at the MSNBC Place For Politics stage trying to get on TV. He was holding the sign over his head while Chris Matthews was talking 'Hardball' with someone. Oh, saw David Gregory on the street.

More to come with pictures..

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