Friday, August 29, 2008

My DNC Trip - Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 29, 2008


History was made yesterday at Invesco Field. It was the largest gathering for an acceptance speech. And I have to tell you that it was evident.

I left downtown Denver at 1:37 PM MT and walked down Larimer to what should have been the main entrance to the stadium. At this location there were police and two long lines formed on both sides of the street. A police officer told me to head down 7th and get in line.

Two blocks down (7th and Lawrence) is where the end of the line was. And it winded along a side service road about ½ block on both sides of Lawrence. Every inch of forward progress was huge. It was moving painfully slow.

Well, I figured I was in no rush and told myself to plan on a 3 hour wait. At one point every time the progress was actually a foot or two the people in front of me and I did a mini wave and shouted “Obama.”

Shiny Object
DIA this morning is busy. What is going on? That is the third civilian looking person with a dog wearing a ‘POLICE’ sign. Perhaps these are out-of-town canine police heading home. I just don’t have the people energy to go and ask.

We succeeded in winding which actually got us across Lawrence Street..50 minutes later. Heading to the next street, Walnut moved along and it merged with a bus line of people dropped off for the event. Met a couple more fun people and lost my “Obama” wave family.

People were selling buttons, t-shirts and bumper stickers along the main drag. Oh, that damn Jesus ‘you are going to hell’ group was out on bikes with their big signs and megaphone. We were told we were all going to hell. What?

More police at the railroad crossing. Almost tripped because I was only paying attention to the team in blue and not my footing. They were my shiny objects ALL week.

This bronze statue was a real guy whom noticeably surprised me.

Credentials were checked twice. At the bottom of Invesco’s first set of stairs was the security check point. Everyone had to go through the metal detector and put any bags on the table for a search. No metal, no weapons, no problems.. I’m IN!!

Up the stairs, through the turnstile and off I go to traverse the 5 floors of Mile High stadium. Of course I took pictures of the trip. ‘Twas high up and beautiful.

OK, going to start boarding soon..

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